Volume 16, Issue 1

Precision Medicine (fall 2016)


Index of Issue

  1. Precision Medicine in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

    Richard Simon

  2. The Real Power of Precision: Redefining the Precision Medicine Initiative

    Spencer H. Nam & Clayton M. Christensen

  3. Attacks on Planned Parenthood are Ideologically Driven and Dangerous

    Anne Davis & Pratima Gupta

  4. In Response to Anderson and George: Why Funding Planned Parenthood Respects Life

    Priscilla J. Smith

  5. In Response to Davis and Gupta: Why Funding Planned Parenthood is Deceptive, Inappropriate, and Should End

    Yuval Levin

  6. Healthcare in the Remote Developing World: Why healthcare is inaccessible and strategies towards improving current healthcare models

    Sadia Ali

  7. Improving American Mental Health Policy: No Simple Answers

    Michael B. Friedman

  8. All Hat, No Cattle—The False Hope of Right-to-Try Laws

    Alison Bateman-House & Arthur L. Caplan

  9. Exploring one LGBT organization’s impact on those living with HIV/AIDS in Austin, Texas

    David M. Brown, Christina Lively, & Mary-Jo Delvecchio Good

  10. How Excise Taxes Can Reduce Obesity

    Ashley Ifeadike

  11. Repositioning Drugs to Reduce the Disparate Burden of Alzheimer’s Disease

    Douglas Barthold & Julie Zissimopoulos

  12. Making Surgery Safer

    William Berry

  13. Drug Prices Are Unrelated to Research and Development Costs

    Merrill Goozner

  14. The Health Extension Program of Ethiopia: Strengthening the Community Health System

    Zufan Abera Damtew, Chala Tesfaye Chekagn, & Amsalu Shiferaw Moges

  15. School-Age Nutritional Issues in the U.S.

    William Gao



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