Volume 15, Issue 2

CRISPr, pharmaceuticals, and Regional Health (spring 2016)

Index of Issue

  1. Setting Prescription Drug Prices: A Comparison of Strategies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany

    Jing Luo, Aaron S. Kesselheim

  2. Differential Pharmaceutical Pricing for Low-Income Nations

    F.M. Sherer

  3. Pricing of Pharmaceuticals in the Supply Chain

    Thani Jambulingam

  4. ‘Broad Societal Consensus’ on Human Germline Editing

    Francoise Baylis

  5. The CRISPR Revolution: Technical and Societal Aspects of Current Genome Editing Technologies

    Dana Carroll

  6. Neighborhood Disparities in Health: Why Do We See Them and What Can We Do

    Mariana Arcaya, S.V. Subramanian

  7. IMPACT: the Role of Peer to Peer Education and the Life-course Perspective in Infant Mortality

    Anjali Chandra

  8. California Summit on Preterm Birth

    Leslie Kowalewski, Michael Curtis, Connie Mitchell, Larry Rand, Scott D. Berns, Gary M. Shaw, David K. Stevenson



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