Volume 15, Issue 1

precision medicine (fall 2015)

Index of Issue

  1. The Real Power of Precision: Redefining the Precision Medicine Initiative

    Spencer Nam

  2. Precision Medicine in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

    Richard Simon

  3. Million Veteran Project: A Large Cohort Nested in a Health Care System

    John Gaziano, John Concato

  4. Improving American Mental Health Policy: No Simple Answers

    Michael B. Friedman

  5. Immigrants Face Barriers Both as Health Care Patients and Providers

    Leighton Ku

  6. Lessons from Indiana: The Case for Broader Implementation of Syringe Exchange Programs

    Monica S. Ruiz, Sean T. Allen, Allison O’Rourke

  7. The Fallacy of U.S. and China Hospital Collaborations-Are We Able to Bridge Ideals with Realities?

    Garry Choy, Julianne Ip, Dicken S.C. Ko

  8. Stimulating the Impact of an Urban Farm Tax Credit Policy in a Low Income Urban Setting

    Joel Gittelsohn, Yeeli Mui, Sen Lin, Bruce Y. Lee, Andrew Seiden, Arielle Gorstein, Pete Welch, Sara Bleich, Takeru Igusa

  9. Precision Medicine: Unraveling the Debate

    Priya Vedula

  10. From Cells to Systems: The Application of Precision Medicine to Improve Healthcare Delivery

    Jonathan M. Clarke



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