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An Innovative Solution for the Global Problem of Poor Vision

Across the world, two and one half billion people live with uncorrected vision, 80% of whom reside in low resource settings. Beyond the cost of not being able to see the world clearly, uncorrected refractive errors (a major source of uncorrected vision) cost a global $227 billion dollars in lost productivity per year. Currently, there exists one solution that has yet not been explored which has the potential to radically lower the cost of corrective eyewear and leap across the urban-rural divide: pinhole glasses.

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The equity and poverty reduction benefits of vaccines

Vaccines can play a large role in promoting equity and reducing poverty. Researchers recently developed analytical methods to examine the potential distributional impact (across socioeconomic groups) and poverty reduction impact (decrease in the number of cases of medical impoverishment) of vaccines in low- and middle-income countries. Vaccines were found to have large pro-poor benefits: they could reduce health disparities in populations, as vaccine-preventable deaths averted would be more important among the lowest than among the highest socioeconomic groups; and, they could prevent a large number of cases of medical impoverishment, largely concentrated among the poorest socioeconomic groups. Vaccines could cost-effectively contribute to reducing health disparities and poverty in developing countries.  

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Building an Effective American Public Health Infrastructure to Combat the Opioid Crisis and Other Substance Use Disorders

Not a day goes by currently without at least some mention of the current opioid crisis and seemingly never ending increases in heartbreaking overdose deaths. Although this tragedy has taken center stage receiving a fairly constant media spotlight, the opioid specific focus is occurring in the context of a broader enduring and endemic problem related to alcohol and other drug use disorders.

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